Claire Davies KitchensClaire Davies Kitchens creates bespoke luxury kitchens for clients in Cheshire and the North-West. With a design background, and a love of creating beautiful homes, Claire Davies launched Claire Davies Kitchens to offer the best bespoke kitchens available.

An intro to Claire Davies Kitchens, from Claire:

I have always been interested in home making and enjoyed creating inspiring environments within the home. One of the most important areas within the home is of course, the kitchen.
When someone invests in a Claire Davies Kitchen, they are investing in a passion that they have. A passion for both design and for the home.

When I design a kitchen, I use a process that no other company would use. I spend more time with my clients than any other kitchen company would allow their staff to spend. To create a design that captures the imagination of the client, that creates solutions to make day to day life run smoother, and to establish a connection with clients – a designer must not only spend their time developing a kitchen design, but also genuinely care about the outcome – beyond just receiving a good review once finished.

Getting to know what clients require from their new kitchen is key to establishing a functional design, which is why I visit new clients at their homes on a regular basis throughout the design process. As well as aesthetic choices, such as the colour scheme, use of texture, use of contrast and of course light within the kitchen, I must also develop an understanding and appreciation for the layout. A well planned layout really does have the power to transform a space. Those aspects, coming together throughout the process of design, are what I think creates the trade mark Claire Davies Kitchen.

There is so much to choose from with kitchen design these days, and so much to think about in creating a home that it can be easy to overlook what is really the most important factor to consider once a quality design is in place, and that is the longevity of the installed kitchen. When I explain to clients why Claire Davies Kitchens are different and why they are certainly superior value on, let’s take cabinet doors for example, they are always surprised at what many kitchen companies deem to be acceptable when it comes to processes and finishing techniques. As well as being crafted to order, which means we can create any size and shape cabinet door, we also use materials which increase the life span of your new bespoke kitchen, hugely. We guarantee that you will never have any problems with the quality that I offer. I’m very proud of the high standards that we maintain with every installation and we continue to set the bar very high as regards customer satisfaction.

If you are reading this because you are interested in ordering a bespoke kitchen, then please do get in touch and we can have a chat about how I could help. We are available for design appointments 7 days a week throughout Cheshire and the North-West. Clients outside the North-West can arrange bookings for design appointments by telephone or by using the online contact form. I know that our quality cannot be found elsewhere, so I am willing to offer designs to clients out of the area who appreciate our value.

I look forward to receiving your enquiry and helping you with your very own bespoke kitchen.