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Stunning details, indulgent materials and unbeatable carpentry. That’s the promise of Kitchens by Claire Davies. Featuring clean geometric lines and Exquisite artisanship, our bespoke kitchens draw inspiration from timeless English furniture, perfect for traditional and contemporary homes alike.

Whether you are renovating an old kitchen or planning a brand new one, we’d love to hear from you and discuss what we have to offer. Fill out this form to get started.


We bring you an enchanting combination of modern technology and ageless cabinetry designs for kitchen furniture that stands the test of time. Every piece is individually designed and then brought to life by our artisans at our in-house workshop. Our clients can rest assured that their kitchen will be unique, just like them.

We are passionate about beautiful kitchen designs, ensuring that we deliver functionality, classic good looks and a space that’s treasured by the entire family. The discreet aesthetic of Kitchens by Claire Davies is second to none. The textures, the colours, the finishes and the materials will leave you breathless; we are sure of that!

When it comes to good kitchen design, Claire Davies is way ahead of the curve! Browse our exclusive kitchen designs to find inspiration for your elegant bespoke kitchen.


We craft and design bespoke kitchens for a variety of clients across Cheshire.

When you come to Claire Davies for your kitchen design, rest assured that you are getting only the best in everything. Our upscale cabinetry can infuse your home with design elements you never even thought about! Metallic veneers, matte lacquers, vintage brass wraps and so much more. We have a lot in store for your kitchen.

We have created some fantastic kitchens for clients across Cheshire. And they love what we’ve done!

You can count on Clair Davies to bring to life amazing components in unique ways that suit your needs perfectly.

There are so many choices out there. Our craftsmen know which one’s right for you. They are at the forefront of kitchen design, and on top of the latest developments in kitchen cabinetry and accessory design. That’s why our clients rely on us for a suggestion when selecting smart appliances and the absolute best materials that’d make the right combination for them. We set the bar in kitchen trends; other design companies are only followers as we are taking the lead.

Each bespoke kitchen is a testament to our dedication to providing our clients with only the best. Careful thought goes into the selection and creation of the sinks, taps, islands, countertops, tiles and cabinets; which are all essential parts of this equation. Our expert craftsmen ensure that each of these components is polished to perfection.

Then there are the finishing touches, the final splashes of grandeur that bring it all together beautifully. We are talking about antique mirrors, glass splashbacks, pendant lighting, and drawer dividers as well as door handles etc.




Learn about our simple yet effective process when it comes to working with clients.


Take a look at some of our recent projects and get inspired

Oxton Village

oxton village

A light, calming and balanced kitchen was the brief from this client, with a generous centre island. This client was amazed by how their space was transformed.

Henley On Thames


Our clients in this very popular and desirable place to live were wanting to create a unique and sophisticated look with high end finishes. The finished result was breathtaking.


hammersmith project

This was a large project which was ideally proportioned to create a real statement kitchen. The in frame shaker doors were hand painted on site for our clients.


Claire’s skills and expertise when it comes to interior design are incredible. We couldn’t be happier with our new kitchen.

Jessica Sandbach

Our new kitchen is spectacular and Claire was fantastic throughout the whole process. The feeling you get when you come back home and enter our new kitchen is simply priceless.

Mark Northwich

Recent Posts

Benefits Of Bespoke Kitchen Design

Your individual needs and lifestyle choices dictate how we design your kitchen. It is the heart of the home, and that’s why it is essential that space be open, warm and welcoming. Here at Claire Davies, design and functionality go hand-in-hand. Here are some reasons why you’ll love a bespoke kitchen design:

  • Quality Services

We understand that homes are made with love, above all else. That’s why we strive to ensure that all your kitchens dreams come true, and the experience of working with is enjoyable, from start to finish.

  • Finishing Touches & Ranges

Bespoke kitchens are built on attention to detail. It is a necessary element in the creation of these highly engineered and luxurious pieces of furniture. We make sure that your kitchen looks and functions precisely how you expect it to. Whether your tastes are contemporary or classic, we make sure that every detail of your new kitchen benefits from our bespoke design services.

  • Unmatched Structural Integrity

A bespoke kitchen fitting requires expert technical know-how. Our team delivers an on-site consultation that includes a measurement process as well. They record the dimensions, and then our craftsmen get to work, creating exact fittings right down to the last millimetre. Every door, countertop, knob, lever and switch is then designed and installed to perfection.

  • No Stress

Bespoke means you get to enjoy all the benefits of our professional kitchen design, without ever having to worry about anything, at any stage. Our team of technicians will help you from design to installation, handle quality checks, and figure out the most exquisite details of the process on your behalf. We’ll be there every step of the way, from flooring to plumbing, creating a kitchen that’s just right for you. We won’t give up until we are absolutely sure you love it.

Call Now For Bespoke Kitchens That Are Tailored To You

If you have a vision for your dream kitchen, we have the materials and craftsmanship to make your dream come true. Let Clair Davies make our vision a reality with our unique, bespoke kitchen designs that are custom-made just for you.

From ultra-modern kitchen to more traditional feel, we can ensure that your kitchen is perfect for your home, your family and your lifestyle needs. That’s why we proudly say that we cater to all tastes and styles. If you are as passionate about kitchen design as we are, give us a call. We’d love to hear what you have in mind.

If you’d to talk with one of our designers about your project, it’d be a good idea to give us a call at 01606 533452. Or you can fill out the form here, and we’ll get right back to you with all the details you need.