1. What is a bespoke kitchen?

Essentially, a bespoke kitchen refers to a kitchen that is made from raw materials with one particular person or family in mind. Everything about a bespoke kitchen can be tailored to suit you. With bespoke, the design possibilities are endless. Our clients expect and deserve top quality designs and this is what we will deliver. The quality of our bespoke design service means that we can create precisely what you are looking for.

2. Why are Claire Davies Kitchens better?

Claire Davies Kitchens are better than other bespoke kitchen providers, and for a few reasons. First of all, the design process. With years of experience as a sought after interior designer, Claire personally leads the design team throughout every bespoke project. An understanding of design and how people live in their homes is what creates a beautiful and functional kitchen.

The importance of the design process and creating a unique and personal kitchen, is at the core of every completed design. Secondly, the materials and skills used to craft your bespoke kitchen – we cannot be beaten when it comes to standards of workmanship with our bespoke kitchens. During your design consultation, Claire takes time to explain this in more detail. Thirdly, we will install the kitchen to the highest of standards. We know our clients expect nothing but the best.

3. What are the first steps to ordering my bespoke kitchen?

All you need to do is get in touch. Either by completing the online contact form, emailing, or by phone or text on 0151… or 07702 755 961.

We will then be able to arrange a design appointment. During the first design appointment that we have at the house, we will discuss any ideas that you may have already had regarding your new bespoke kitchen. We can create some layout plans and discuss colours, materials and styles. Once your desired look and specification has been created we will prepare a quotation for you.

4. How much can you help with the design?

We love design. Design is the difference between average and amazing in the world of bespoke kitchens. Some clients have already decided on a desired look when we arrange the consultation in the client’s home – some other clients have given it no thought at all. Sometimes this is because they lack interest, and we can certainly pick up the slack there, but more often than not, with our clients, it is because of demands on their time. If time is an issue, then we are happy to take the lead and create various options to be considered and reviewed as and when you are available to give feedback.

5. How long will it be before I have my new kitchen?

We know that everyone wants their new kitchen as soon as possible – especially once the design has been confirmed because all of a sudden it feels real and exciting. We work efficiently towards an installation date and keep you informed throughout the process of making your kitchen. Typically, once a design is confirmed, we work to a schedule of six weeks including a week to install at the property. This is of course dependant on several factors, and we know that you appreciate that bespoke work takes time and care.

6. Do I need a bespoke kitchen?

The way that we make kitchens is very special. The way that we create designs for clients is very special. The quality of our kitchens provides incredible value when you consider longevity.

A Claire Davies Kitchen is an investment in your home and one that will be there for many years. Not everyone is a buyer for a bespoke kitchen, but if you are, then you have absolutely come to the right place.